Puncha puncha la rosa huele Piercing, piercing is the perfume of the rose
Que el amor muncho duele For love is but great agony
Tu no nacites para mi You were not born for me
Presto alexate de mi Quickly, leave me alone
Acodrate d'aquella hora Do you remember the time
que yo te bezava la boca When I kissed your mouth
Aquella hora ya paso That time is gone
dolor quedo al corazon Only sorrow remains in my heart
Montanas altas y mares hondas Mountain high and deep sea
llevame onde'l mi querido Lead me to my darling
llevame onde'l mi amor Lead me to my beloved
el que me de consolacion Who will console me
Si otra vez me queres ver If you wish to see me one more time
sale afuera te havlare Turn your eyes
echa los ojos a la mar towards the sea
alli me puedes encontrar That is where you will find