Ned i vester soli glader -

Norwegian evening hymn from Eid Nordfjord

Arr: Grete Pedersen

Words: Anders Hovden


Grete Pedersen
Conductor and artistic director was trained as a church musician and choral conductor at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. In 1988 she completed her postgraduate studies in conducting. In 1990, Grete Pedersen became conductor of the Norwegian Soloists Choir. She is also conductor of the Oslo Chamber Choir, which she founded in 1984. Her work with both choirs has gained her the reputation as one of Norways leading and most versatile conductors. She has been in charge of productions and performances of contemporary music as well as folk music, has cooperated with jazz musicians and actors and conducted several major works for choir and orchestra. Grete Pedersen has been a lecturer in conducting at the Norwegian State Academy of Music since 1995.